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EXCITING NEWS! The XFL is due to return in 2020, with 8 teams and a 10-game schedule. Best of all, the newly-revived league will be wholly owned by Vince McMahon, so there won't be any interference from WWE shareholders nor networks.

Click here for the official XFL 2020 network and news announcements!

Welcome to the ALL-XFL.com Memorial Network!

This page is a placeholder for the ALL-XFL.com Memorial Network. Please update your bookmarks if you haven't already, for the XFL Memorial Network is now here.  Click on the links above to learn more about your favorite XFL team, look up player & team stats, browse the photo galleries, or just bring back memories.

As of May 10, 2001, the XFL is no more....created by Vince McMahon, the mastermind behind the success of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), the wrestling guru felt that he had to sacrifice too much of his WWF kingdom to keep the XFL afloat after NBC Sports withdrew their involvement. What was created and promoted as Football The Way It Was Meant To Be Played faded into painful memories for many supporters and fans.

This site is dedicated to all the fans of the XFL.  It is intended to preserve the history of the XFL and all its teams, and is not intended for profit nor commerce; only as a memorial site for all the great memories the XFL left us with.

WE'VE MOVED!!  The XFL Memorial Network is now on its own, paid site, so no more deleted pages/files nor bandwidth restrictions from Tripod.  Tripod kept playing too many games for my liking, such as deleting photos & pages even though I was below the storage limit, and changing "Terms & Conditions" at a whim...so the storage limit of each site would change constantly, and even if file sizes were reduced, Tripod would still either randomly delete pages or completely lock out sites.  No more!  Now everything is on the ALL-XFL.com network.

Videos are still being tracked down to fulfill the game clips in the Multimedia section; as soon as these clips are located and digitally recorded, they will be posted and links provided.  I have most games on tape, and only have a few more to obtain in order to have every televised game; as soon as I have time, I'll start recording game highlight clips and posting them.

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